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now, people are camped out at the sacred heart community service in san jose. janine de la vega joins us with why people are out there. >> reporter: it is raining and cold and wet but look at this, you see all these umbrellas, people have set up tents, tarps, they're sleeping right now. we've seen baby strollers out here. they're desperate for help and they say it's worth it for them to wait in the line because they need help for the holidays. some people have been here since 6:00 p.m. last night. let's go to videos of volunteers unloading crates of donating food here in preparation for this holiday give away. workers are expecting more than 4000 people to show up and register to receive food boxes that included turkey for thanksgiving and thousands of parents are signing up to receive the food boxes for christmas and toys for their children. the nonprofit says that 12% of kids in santa clara county live in poverty. i'm joined now by crystal cordova. you said this is your very first time signing up for this holiday give away. why do you have the need. >> well, i moved here from arkans
you. san jose voters seem to be supporting a measure to increase the city's minimum wage. right now yes on measure d is leading. that would raise the city's minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour. the idea came from a sociology class at san jose state university. >>> in another closely watched contest in san jose it appears incumbent rose herrera has won reelection to the city council. she has a solid lead over jimmy nguyen. the race gained extra exposure when if they reported her rerail's husband taking down a campaign sign. >>> in san francisco it appears christina oh lag dwi's vote to keep the sheriff cost her job. she is drilling linda breed. >>> right now it is 4:48. let's check in with sal on traffic. i'm happy sal that the traffic we don't have to wait in line at our polling places for most part out here. my goodness. >> no. your traffic reporter as far as i know is not changing. it's going to stay the same guy for a little bit any way. let's take a look at the commute. 80 westbound as you head out toth area here. there are no major problems on the east shore freeway. it
ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> we are also following overnight news near the san jose airport. jeanine della vega is at the airport with how this scary situation ended. >>> into the early morning hours, it was 1st street and may tricks boulevard, and you can see this whole area used to be by police. there you see that new york pd pizza and because of what was inside that car, they advice them to evacuate because of that possible threat police detonated what was termed to be a pipe bomb at 1:00 a.m. this morning. police pulled over a van on a routine traffic stop. they determined that and then the bomb unit came to handle the situation. they immediately told businesses to leave. >> cops started to evacuate everything. >> i mean the bombs, you got to get out of there. >> reporter: tell us highway 101 was the shut down away from those businesses. police have die identified them and we are unsure if he is in the south bay and he is in custody for being in possession of an explosion sufficient device. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> according to the san francisc
san jose. it's mild. this is not a cold system by any stretch of the imagination. when things clear out of here which will be later today and tonight there will be big-time valley fog. today we'll have to deal with the morning rain and clouds. windy up in the hills. very mild. the rain will taper off own very little clearing. am rain clouds and sun. 60s on the temps. now it looks good but i will tell you the fog will be thick as thieves as we head toward the north bay and east bay. otherwise coast and bay look good. sunny, dry, a little warmer there. >> thanks, steve. >>> a campus burglary cost cal thousands of dollars in stolen goods. what was stolen and why it's not the first time it happened. >>> black friday is coming and fan of the orange and black that means it's time for a little baseball. >>> northbound 280 traffic looks good. here in the south bay but we have a big problem in the east bay reported. we'll tell you more about that. >>> good morning. rain moving through. if it's ended it will still be cloudy and kind of misty and foggy. partial clouds later on. rain line movin
midnight near mission san jose high school. crews had to spray water on the backyard of a home to prevent it from catching fire. pg&e is hoping to restore electricity by 9:30 this morning. >>> a cap pain was rushed to -- a captain was rushed to the hospital after a fire. janine de la vega. >> reporter: i just spoke with firefighters who are here on the scene. they tell me that fire captain does have actually some serious injuries. they have been here all night watching this building just to make sure that nothing sparks up here. it's pretty dark but much of this building was damaged. it has left nearly 20 people homeless. the fire started around 8:20 last night on willow leaf drive when firefighters arrived flames were shooting from the roof of this six unit complex that turned into a three alarm fire. some residents had no idea their building was on fire until neighbors pounded on their door. firefighters doused the flames with water from outside and inside. during the attack one firefighter got injured. >> unfortunately we did have a firefighter that was doing interior attack. they did
island and finally 280 in san jose, traffic is flowing well in both directions. 4:37 let's check in with steve. >>> we have some areas of fog, high clouds are coming in and there are still reports of fog but nothing like whatee saw yesterday. -- like what we saw yesterday. we are under cloudy skies and things are about ready to change. today will be the transition day and now we will have a cloudy gray day and we will wait for the rain to come in. a first of what takes us into the weekend. we had 30s and 40s and 50s and there is still some fog especially out to the north bay and parts of the east bay but otherwise it will be cloudy skies. we have a lot of increasing clouds taking you tonight and watch what happens tomorrow morning unless you leave at this time but it will be moving wednesday morning and that will be the first system wednesday night into early thursday and it looks like setting up for what could be a very wet pattern for sonoma county north and this whole system will drag right into the weekend. morning fog, a little bit cooler because of the cloud cover and still
and they will continuing wrap it up before they leave live in san jose, claudine wong. >>> flash grenades ended a standoff with a wanted man in san francisco. glass rained down at a home in the heights. the stand governor involved a -- standoff involved a suspect during a chase yesterday afternoon. they lost track of the man until somebody called police hours later. >> at 8:30 p.m. we received an anonymous tip that the suspect was on appleton street. >> the standoff began late and police believe he has ties to have san francisco gangs. >>> san francisco department works stock piled 6,000 sandbags for distribution through the weekend. they are encouraging people not to wait until the last minute. >> we are giving out sandbags and we are eastern currenting people not to -- encouraging people not to wait for the last minute. we would like people to come in and be prepared. >> sandbags can be picked up and proof of residency is required. there is a limit of so bags per household. >>> forecasters warn there could be flooding in small creaks. they will have heavy stationery at napa creek. >> we will have it sta
is a nice looking drive as you drive down to san jose. good clear, if you enjoyed monday you will see a different breeze, hill all inland temperatures will be really close. really close. you can see the demolish ever high pressure over us, most location say southwest at 5 to see if that changes 49 will be closest to the coast on the lows and it starts to carry. a lighter breeze chilly roads inland upper 70s and then clouds roll in and we have a big dramatic pattern and it is not a sold out kind of system and it will be cold and rainy on friday and sunny and the mornings will be chilly, chilly. pam? >>> it continues in the northeast and we will have more on how officials are trying to make vote being easier. >>> we will tell you where the troubled the spots are in this early commute. . >>> measure m on a sugary tax on drinks. now if taxes are approved they would be the first of their kinds in the country. >>> 4:42, two other hot button issues, washington oregon and colorado could become the first states to possess small amounts of marijuana and they will choose whether or not to reject
of these higher clouds. 52 in san francisco, san jose is 43. it is not too strong of a breeze, i have seen parts of elevations and even parts of the peninsular. no doubt about it, they will be checking in with mid-70s, everyone else is looking for temperatures, when you start off with 35 and 36, the coast helps with that easterly breeze and that means upper 60s to 70s for some and especially santa cruz, gilroy look food be then we start to see an increase and maybe some light rain and rain will be developing on saturday and we will take that into sunday and monday, pam. >>> thank you steve. >>> another big day for president barack obama as he gets ready for his second term. the critical meeting today to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. >>> also a marine in san jose killed by south bay police, the information they are learning this morning, stay tuned.
at a lower salary. >>> san jose police are looking for a man who may have been stabbed. a man with a knife broke in tuesday night. one of the woman fought the burglar while the other woman called 911. >>> a five-year-old boy is seriously injured after being hit by a van in oakland. it happened on left shore. the boy was rushed to the hospital the driver of the van stopped and cooperated with police. >> she was really shaken up. >> what did she say? >> she said i was driving down the street and all of a sudden he bass there if front of my car. >>> a daily city councilwoman is accused of hitting garret gibson in the presidio and then taking offment gibson is still recovering from a major concussion. he also lost his bike. the woman is being charged with felony hit-and-run. >>> time now 3:47, three car services are being ordered to pay $20,000 fines. lift am objector without permits. they are now suing hower. -- usual do they are now suing the man. >>> people getting up early should expect to have a nice commute and there is no ugly surprises out there. westbound looks good headed out to the
. nurses will also walk out of regional medical center in san jose. it is part of an ongoing contract dispute but nurses want to make cuts and staffing payed time and others and they will not return to work until sunday morning. >>> they are hoping 0 to negotiate a deal. and she accompanied president barack obama and is scheduled to meet with a west bank an egyptian leaders say he will not meet with hamasby so ultimately they will be part of a social network which israeli citizens have faced for so many monthsment. >> several israelis have been killed in the week long fighting and most of the militants have taken out on the iron dome defense system. president barack obama had meetings on the sidelines with the leaders of the summit in china and japan. he said it is important that u.s. and community as the two largest economies work together for trade an investment. >>> four southern california men have been working to destroy tar fits oversees. one of the men -- overseas. one of the men plotted and plotted to carry out plots in afghanistan. >>> no charges will be filed for the man who
friday deals. some people have been camping out since last friday outside the best buy in san jose. look at those tents. they want to be the first in line when they observe at midnight and some are perks earns -- experiencing a backlash and they are asking them to give employees thanksgiving night off. some stores are not waiting until midnight. both wal-mart and seals plan to open 8:00 tonight. and the par gone outlets open at 10:00. >>> well, some wal-mart employees are threatening to walk off at the height of the black friday rush. >> employees at the wal-marts on the boulevard plan to picket at 8:00 tonight. workers in richfield will rally tomorrow. many marched through a wal-mart calling for better pay >> i believe wal-mart should pay us more. and can afford to pay us more. >> organizers are expected to take place. the discount chains are not expected to disrupt holiday shopping. >>> this morning, it is back up after they disrupted after the eve of thanksgiving. they were shooting at each other around 8:30 last night. one officer found a quarreled with bullets at the scene. all la
and no trouble if you are driving rob any of the other bridges. we're looking at a live picture of san jose and northbound 280 traffic looks good. let's go to steve. >>> sal, don't you love we're back on standard time? >> i like it. this morning it just feels good. >> thank you, sir. good morning. well, i came in and said to ron, guess what is the warmest place going to be today. he said livermore. i said think the other way. it will be san francisco over to santa cruz. the warming continues. we will go from 88 to 80s by the end of the week. it will be a big, big change from one extreme to the other. high pressure here. there is a little component of an easterly breeze or nice easterly breeze. that will mean 80s inland and 80s on the coast. it will be what we call ice sew thermal. hardly any breeze shows up here. i saw a little component of a north or easterly breeze. 49 fairfield. 60 in san francisco. 50 in antioch. 50 in santa rosa. high pressure, no clouds and everything is going up and over. it will be here today and tomorrow and a very cold system will drop down. today severe clear. su
in san jose northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. it's 4:38 let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. our system is getting very close. rain is just off the coast and a couple light showers sprinkles in advance of it. setting the stage for what looks to be a cloudy rainy day off and on. we have the first system right there. and then the low has to swing in. this whole mess is heading right over us and we'll set up shop and you'll see right off the shore. and probably continue off and on throughout the day. this is not downpour or anything. stronger system will come in late saturday into sunday. clouds yesterday increased and some sun until early afternoon. but then it was filtered sun. first system moves in. rain begins today. and then late saturday night into sunday maybe sunday morning. one forecast model doesn't bring it in until early early sunday. cloudy rain. rain begins off and on. cooler because of the cloud cover. a little bit of a south wind will make for a few mild conditions. low to mid 60s everybody. rain begins today. we'll get a little bit of a brea
fog. 45 napa. to 51 san jose. a lot of 40s here. these higher clouds will fall apart. next rain looks to be maybe late thursday or next friday and that looks like a cold system but boy will it be warm around here on monday. mostly sunny. patchy fog. 60s and low 70s. we're starting off much cooler. we don't have as much hours as the daylight. we set the clocks back one hour on sunday. boy we warm up for november it will be very warm on monday and then into tuesday. brian and pam. >> looking good, thank you. >>> new twist in the ross mirkarimi case. the new ad being released targeting a san francisco supervisor that helped reinstate him. >>> just days after the big world series victory the player who won't be returning to the giants next year. >>> and good morning. southbound 101 as you drive to 580 it's a nice looking drive in marin county. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. >>> good morning. a little bit of patchy fog. mostly clear. cool, cool. no doubt about it. partly cloudy north bay. mostly sunny elsewhere. >>> the last thing the east coast needs is another storm. but
the cause and man merv death are pending. >>> and for san jose, she is accused for failing to report this. the 8-year-old victim testified along with the police officer who said the police officer acknowledged her notes indicating misconduct and this has led to and arrest after molesting five children. >>> freeway overpasses, starting in san francisco and brokerly urging them to vote. it will raise a quarter of a sent and -- cent and if it fails it will trigger billions. >>> president barack obama makes it to three battleground credibility and character states. he spent the last few days touring areas of new jersey with governor chris christie. he will campaign areas such as ohio for more campaign appearances tomorrow. meanwhile mitt romney has three scheduled appearances and he returned to campaigning yesterday african selling events because of the storm. mitt romney has avoided harsh criticism because of his attacks. >>> because of people already voting they are lined up in maryland. some states are releasing the meat and 41% democrat and 41% republican. >>> there are some new guideline
heard three shots before finding the officer's body and the hearing continues today. >>> only on 2. san jose's police chief is giving his decision of why he is stepping down after only two years on the job. chris moore is saying what would have made him stay. he said he would not be leaving after putting a sales tax initiative to help pay for more officers. >> for me, it is putting it on the ballot and if that tax measure was put on the ballot, and they decided not to fund it, that is a choice the taxpayers made but they never got the opportunity to vote on it. >> moore called it dire because of resignations. he also said nobody is interested intaking his job and they are holding four community meetings to get information on the police chief. they will feature a dazzling light show and we have an exclusive look. 125,000 lights will adorn the western span of the bay bridge and showing every changing patterns. it is designed by a new york artist and the privately donated $8 million installation will stay up for two years. >>> the rain and traffic, what is the latest. >> the roadways are f
there. wide spread rain will continue south bay san jose as well. nothing too outrageous yet. and santa cruz mountains in the yellow and red. that doesn't mean it won't pick up later on. expect a wet warning here. we have a flash flood watch out. the weather service will be updating things here throughout the morning. wind advisory still busts to 50 miles an hour. we are not done yet. we have one more system trying to come into the pipeline. that will be here until we head toward sunday. that will give us the same amount of totals between thursday and again into friday, saturday maybe another two to four or five inches of rain are possible. >> thank you, steve. >>> time now is 4:52. voters in richmond rejected a soda tax this month but the battle is far from over. the other bay area cities considering similar measures. >>> now that one of the state's biggest oyster farms is closing down the big changes diners can see. >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 4:54. today the drakes bay oyster farm is shut down. that is after the secretary of interior decided not to gi
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)